For any new residents in the Town of Carroll or ones that may not be aware that we have a food pantry located at the Town Hall.
The following is the new Gross Yearly Household Incomes to qualify.

1 person – $30,912
2 person – $41,808
3 person – $52,704
4 person – $63,600
5 person – $74,496
6 person – $85,392
7 person- $96,288
8 person – $107,184

If you or anybody you know in our area can use this help, please stop into the Town Hall, Tuesday thru Thursday 10 – 2 and speak to the ladies in the Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s Office.
hey can show you what is available. We receive deliveries every other month and never know what they may send.

The price of groceries is going up with everything else so if this can help, please stop in and see what there if that could lighten you load.